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  5. Hi @Lynette , varicose veins is a common problem especially in women, and the occurrence increases with age, previous pregnancy, being overweight and inactivity.
    Thankfully, in most cases, varic...
    Dr. Quah S
  6. What's your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Use our free tool to calculate your BMI and we'll tell you if you're in the healthy range.

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  8. Hi @alonso, this is a symptom of nerve dysfunction which can have either local or systemic causes. Local causes are more likely given what you describe and especially if there was a particular inju...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  10. Hi @igotz99problemz , I am making an assumption that this is the 1st gynae (obstetrician) check-up for pregnancy.
    Usually for the 1st obstetrician visit, a few things happen:
    - the obstetrici...
    Dr. Quah S
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  12. Hi @Me sorry to hear about this, hope you're feeling well after the laser! The human mind is very adaptive, and over time will gradually learn to "block out" the floaters. The process can take mont...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  14. Hi @ThankYou sorry to hear about your mother's ordeal! Unfortunately this is a condition she needs to seek a medical review with a doctor for early. It cannot be treated symptomatically until poten...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  16. Hi @truffle2014 , congratulations on reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy! Almost there. The cervix examination is commonly done towards the end of pregnancy. The obstetrician does this to assess the con...
    Dr. Quah S
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  18. Hi @IvanM24 thank you for the question. Yes that is correct, knee injuries affecting the cartilage and/or meniscus can certainly present in this manner. Persisting pain despite such a long period o...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  20. Dear Wenda, a person's baseline body temperature may fluctuate quite a bit, depending on time of day, activity level, where the temperature was taken and the type of thermomter used!  However, T 38...
    Dr. Tan Y S .
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  22. Hi @cyeap this indicates sensitivity to light and possibly photophobia. If you experience this in association with fever or headache, you should go for a review with your doctor for an examination....
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  24. Dear @curiousdaughter I am sorry to hear about your mum's condition.
    For a more thorough answer, please accompany your mother to the next appointment with the medical oncologist (not the surgeon...
    Dr. Tan Y S .
  25. What's your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Use our free tool to calculate your BMI and we'll tell you if you're in the healthy range.

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  27. Dear @jaey  I totally feel you! I have never managed to make time to exercise while I was in training to be a specialist. Now ironically, even though I'm busier with a young family, a private pract...
    Dr. Tan Y S .
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  29. Hi @alexis , yes I would heartily recommend all young ladies like yourself to get a HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer is a common cancer in ladies. Thankfully with the advent of pap smears and HPV vacci...
    Dr. Quah S