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  2. Hi Lunarorbit,

    Thanks for your detailed description! Whether an ankle ligament reconstruction (Brostrom) would benefit you or not, boils down to the assessment of whether your symptoms are d...
    Dr. Ken J T
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  4. Hi!

    Thanks for your question and no worries it's not a silly question! Short answer to your question is no we are unlikely to contract the virus from the second hand smoke. 
    If we are how...
    Dr. Aditya S
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  6. Hi @vermie 

    Very unfortunate that you got a burn. Managed to see the pic. Hope you get better soon.

    Did you run the hand under running cool water  after the burn ? That can potentiall...
    Dr. Kannan R
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  8. Thanks a lot Dr. Dinesh G  for your valuable opinion.Keep in touch.
    Dr. Mst S S S
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  10. @BusinessJing  thank you for your question.
    Those who are on duty in Corona related patient they need respiratory filtration type mask and also need surgical type of mask with face sheild. But m...
    Dr. Mst S S S
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  12. Hello oldancer,,

    Sorry to hear about the sudden pain. Sharp upper thigh pain can have a few different causes. Nerve related issues either from the spine and lower back, or around the pelvis ...
    Dr. Ken J T
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  14. Hi Dr Kannan,

    Thanks for your advice. I will take some antihistamines. 

    I had a bad hit on my nose at my teenager time, as there was no bleeding or  injury from outside, didn't check ...
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  16. Hi.

    Yes you are correct in a way to be experiencing some side effects if medicines like ella is taken twice in very short intervals.

    But a good news is, ella has a half life ( the tim...
    Dr. Kannan R
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  18. Hi again Celestine,

    Based on your description might still be difficult to know if the two incidents are connected. It might indeed be due to a nerve compression which could occur either at t...
    Dr. Ken J T
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  20. Hi @SL 

    Sorry to hear about your finger. It does sound bothersome. 
    I would advise that you see a doctor to exclude infection in view of the symptoms you mentioned. 

    Dr. Jeanel G
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  22. Hi @Jayde sorry to hear that! The truth is, although this is suggestive for BPPV, it could be due to any of those causes, including other possibilities. Others include low sugar levels since you we...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  24. Hi @jumpygiraffe 
    That is a good thought. 
    However, in some individuals, they may require serial testing before it turns positive as the virus has an incubation period. 
    Hence, in high ris...
    Dr. Jeanel G
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  26. Hi @Kenny 
    In view of ur sore throat, I would advise you to see a doctor and also to monitor your fever. 

    It is good that you took pictures of how the initial rash looked like- so u can m...
    Dr. Jeanel G
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  28. Yes. It might be a possibility but the government is now enforcing food workers to wear mask of face fines. As Long S they have masks on, you should be safe. 
    Dr. Felicia H
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  30. Hi @Shawn that is correct, patients that remain positive on re-testing will continue to be quarantined until they recover. They will need to test negative on consecutive days before being discharge...
    Dr. Dinesh G