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  2. Hi @NIG . Thanks for your question!

    In this situation if his symptoms are improved I would say it is alright for him to return to school. Given the onset of symptoms from last thursday, he w...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  4. Hi @NIG , sounds like it’s possible that it was difficult for you to grasp and your might have placed excessive pressure around your thumb/wrist region. I would advise that if the numbness worsens/...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  6. Hi @Suzanna, if your passenger was tested positive for COVID recently after coming into contact with you in your car, in view of the close and enclosed proximity there is a chance you may have caug...
    Dr. Bryan K
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  8. Hi @Two002 . Thank you for your question! I assume you are referring to pneumonia in this case. 

    Pneumonia is classified as a lower respiratory tract infection and hence symptoms tend to be ...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  10. Many thanks for the advice I will check in again with my gp.
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  12. Hi @Mandy there is no need to wait, although do be particular about hygiene and not touching your face while cleaning. You can refer to NEA's guidelines on this for more details here: https://www.n...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  14. Dear teck337,

    Thanks for your question!

    In terms of protection from viruses, wearing a surgical or cloth mask may not protect you. There was a Vietnamese study on cloth masks vs surgi...
    Dr. Rosanna T
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  16. Hi @Wen . Thank you for your question! I do receive a lot of similar requests. 

    Yes most doctors will be able to provide a memo regarding the diagnosis after examination and history taking. ...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  18. Dear J3llyb3ans,

    Even in cities on lockdown, health experts encourage sunshine and exercise for their mental health and immune-boosting benefits. However , there are certain safe and respons...
    Dr. Hamid R
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  20. Hello @Doug , GERD is a condition that can be attributed to a variety of causes. Assuming that potentially reversible structural causes (e.g hiatal hernia) have been ruled out, your condition can s...
    Dr. Bryan K
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  22. Hi @Concerned , I assume you are referring to Corona virus on this!

    I would say excessive thirst alone has a broad number of possible diagnosis though the most common is just lack of hydrati...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  24. Hi @RAS the average number of days can vary based on the test being used and clinical factors associated with the patient. Therefore the advice for testing is tailored to each individual case by th...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  26. Hi @Aicrop thank you for the question! Im delighted to hear that your kids have cultivated such an excellent hobby. Yes, it is absolutely safe to borrow and read books during this time. In fact, it...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  28. Hi @Ew thank you for the question! As a general rule of thumb, a temperature more than 37.5 is considered a fever. Some variation may be due to calibration settings, although this crisis has also e...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  30. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently released a recommendation for the use of cloth masks "in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to mai...
    Dr. Zhemin W