Coronavirus COVID-19
Join the discussions relating to the Corona Virus and help fight medical misinformation. The 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 caused by SARS-CoV-2, which started in December 2019. It was first identified in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province China. Join us in discussions relating to the virus, how we can stay safe and how to avoid fake news or misinformation.
Coronavirus COVID-19
Discussions relating to the Corona Virus Disease 2019. Help our community spread awareness, education and debunk fake news or misinformation about the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan
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  2. Dear Wenda, a person's baseline body temperature may fluctuate quite a bit, depending on time of day, activity level, where the temperature was taken and the type of thermomter used!  However, T 38...
    Dr. Yia S T
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  4. Hi @palmer , thank you for your question!

    This is definitely one of the more recent debates regarding COVID. Unfortunately there isn't enough information available for us to definitively say...
    Dr. Adnaan S
    Space Doctor
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  6. Hi @Fiqah thats an interesting question! However, no medications (including antiretrovirals) have been proven in clinical studies to prevent (as relevant to your question) nor treat the COVID-19  v...
    Dr. Dinesh G
    Space Doctor
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  8. Good evening @BusinessJing this is not true. Although it may appear that the virus has varied lethality based on differing reports of patients (e.g. those from the west versus those in China/other ...
    Dr. Dinesh G
    Space Doctor
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  10. The question was also about if birds or houseflies sit on an infected area and then fly somewhere else and sit there then can that be dangerous. There is a doctor who wrote that they can infect...
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  12. Hi @BusinessJing thank you for your questions! There's alot to unpack here and I will try to answer them one by one. With respect to the role of benzalkonium chloride/quat, I am not able to identif...
    Dr. Dinesh G
    Space Doctor
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  14. Hi!

    Thanks for your question and no worries it's not a silly question! Short answer to your question is no we are unlikely to contract the virus from the second hand smoke. 
    If we are how...
    Dr. Aditya S
    Space Doctor
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  16. Thanks a lot Dr. Dinesh G  for your valuable opinion.Keep in touch.
    Dr. Mst S S S
    Space Doctor
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  18. @BusinessJing  thank you for your question.
    Those who are on duty in Corona related patient they need respiratory filtration type mask and also need surgical type of mask with face sheild. But m...
    Dr. Mst S S S
    Space Doctor
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  20. Hi Dr Kannan,

    Thanks for your advice. I will take some antihistamines. 

    I had a bad hit on my nose at my teenager time, as there was no bleeding or  injury from outside, didn't check ...