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Eye Care
Ask your eye care related questions and take care of your eyes! Eye and vision conditions include but are not limited to dry eyes, cataracts, eye infections, eye injuries, glasses, contact lenses, intra-ocular implants, eye surgery, and poor eyesight.
Eye Care
This physician-mediated patient support community is for discussions relating to eye care.
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  2. Hi @ongjunhao1997 good questions! Have added responses to each of them separately - 

    For the first question, Astigmatism is a common cause of blur vision arising from irregular shape of the ...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  4. Hi @maybe78 unfortunately not - the Science behind blue light glasses is not definitive. Although excessive blue light exposure can affect the sleep cycle, the amount from device screens has not be...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  6. Dear Jeff. It is not usual to have double vision. The cause can be due to abnormality in the brain ( Central ) or the ears ( peripheral).  It is important for you to consult an opthalmologist. Alte...
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  8. Hi @Me sorry to hear about this, hope you're feeling well after the laser! The human mind is very adaptive, and over time will gradually learn to "block out" the floaters. The process can take mont...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  10. Hi @cyeap this indicates sensitivity to light and possibly photophobia. If you experience this in association with fever or headache, you should go for a review with your doctor for an examination....
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  12. Hi @Curiousity thats a great question! There are many possible causes for what you describe, ranging from dry eyes to a foreign body thats lodged in the eye. Unfortunately an examination by a docto...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  14. Hi @briantoh thats a great question! In general, not to worry, there are no long-term implications aside from the discomfort you would experience. That being said, it is not normal for a 27-year-ol...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  16. Hi @WangXiuYing89 thats a great question! Eye care professionals recommend eye checks every 1 to 2 years depending on your background and age. If you experience eye tiredness, headaches after prolo...
    Dr. Dinesh G